Carved in millstone Grit at Whittle Hall Warrington.Commissioned By English Partnerships.

The initial idea came from the Celtic origins of the site. There is a kind of cryptograph within the jigsaw overall the design is an illuminated letter W .

The name Warrington is derived from weir and ton meaning enclosure so I am incorporating a river enclosed within a knotwork border symbolizing the enclosure. There are various creatures within the illuminated design which is fragmented like a broken plaque with the pieces scattered along the path.

The enclosure will serve to link the pieces giving a continuous frame around the piece and a hint to the origional continuity of the design.


Stone sculpture of WW1 Bugler at Astley Park Garden of Reflection, Chorley

Wood Sculpture, Stone carvings, by the sculptor Thompson dagnall. 

Wood Sculpture carvings Stone sculptor