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''The Tolpuddle Six''

"Hands, and Feet On"

My First thoughts were that this sculpture must be inclusive rather than exclusive a sculpture to draw people forward and into the work. My proposal is for a long stone bench raised up in the manner of a dock or a gibbet.

The bench is backed by six stone posts. Each post is a seat for one of the six. Only one of the posts is occupied. George Loveless sits carved life size in stone leaning back on his stone pillar head back looking upwards. His friends have been transported while he sits due to ill health awaiting his own journey.

On the back of the column is a Poem written by loveless.


“God is our guide! from field,from wave,

From plough,from anvil, and from loom;

We come, our country's rights to save,
And speak a tyrant faction's doom:
We raise the watch-word liberty;

we will we will we will be free!


George Loveless


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