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"Time and Tide"

Time and Tide

The Triassic red sandstone was laid down 250 Million years ago and I thought this would be a good place to start a timeline running up to the present day.

I would like to link the prehistoric creatures with their decedents which are present in the Yarrow Valley today.

The aim is to throw into stark relief the wild nature of the environment on the doorstep.

"Decent of Man"

From Ape to modern man, thrown into relieif.


A Mantling Buzzard that is the top predator in the Yarrow valley country park next to the site.


The top predator at the time that the red sandstone was being deposited.

" Miles Standish"

Head of the Mayflower expedition to colonise America and a local lad born close to the site.

" Davey Lamp"

The area has a long history of Mining and the davey lamp was the miners best freind.

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