“Brothers In Arms”

The realisation that fellow countrymen fought and died in these very fields lead me inevitably to a sculpture referring to the English Civil War.

The sculpture spans the road with a sculpture in two parts. Two figures, almost identical in Mirror image, train their cannons on each other. The only difference between them is that one wears a roundhead hat and one a cavalier. They could be brothers. The inevitable outcome of their cannons aim is a shared fate, the result of political and religious intolerance. I feel this is a theme not without on-going resonance.

2½ times life size in the local millstone grit at Longsands Preston.

Stone sculpture of WW1 Bugler at Astley Park Garden of Reflection, Chorley

Wood Sculpture, Stone carvings, by the sculptor Thompson dagnall. 

Wood Sculpture carvings Stone sculptor